School News

Students of the Week April 24-28: Being Responsible


Top Row L to R: Anna Lara, Tanashious Rouse, Esmeralda Aguirre, Dakota Taylor, Rafael Albis,

Middle R L to R: Oliver Coltes,Maddox Pierce, Evan Nielsen, Gabe Depew, Karson Curtis, Mia Palomar

Bottom Row L to R: Brielle Kilpatrick, Emmett DeGraw, Knighton Godfrey, Maddix Poulson, Dulce Sanchez, Rogelio Valdavinos

Not Pictured: Nataly Garcia, Eyston Hoopes, Ethan Bundy, Olivia Carrillo

Summer Coding Workshop for 6th Graders

information and picture by Pam Turley

This summer, Jr. High school students (current 6th-8th graders) are invited to attend a fun 2-day workshop learning to code using’s App Lab and BBC’s microbit. Students will use App Lab to create apps that can be published and shared to run on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with a modern browser.  The BBC's microbit is a small hardware processing device (about 1/2 the size of a credit card). Projects will include: LED message display, thermometer, compass, connection to external LEDs, composing music, etc.


Pawkemon Winners

photo by Shaun Ward

Last week's Pawkemon finders were a group of four fun girls: Ahloa Watkins, Jocelyn Hepler, Haylie Holt, and Aaliyah Carreno! Way to work as a team!

6th Grade Hershey Track Meet

photos by Shawn Rawlings

Last Tuesday our 6th graders participated in the Hershey Track Meet. It was lots of fun with perfect weather. Our students had a blast running, seeing friends from other schools, and enjoying time outside. Awesome day!

Students of the Week April 17-21: Having Integrity

photo by Shawn Rawlings

Top Row L to R: Kya Peck, Jay Marzan, Crystal Ross, Erika Davies, Joshua Phong, Victor Arce

Middle Row L to R: Elon Zobell, Ava Elbaba, Jonas Fortenberry, Ivy Cook, Omar Rangel, Anthony Anderson

Bottom Row L to R: Ximena Torres, Miranda Nixon, Monica Suarez, Kylen Nelson, Briawni Peterson, Kaleb Keig

Not Pictured: Emilio Topete Del Pozo, Quinton Allen

Students of the Week April 10-14: Leadership

photo by Shawn Rawlings

Top Row L to R: Ben Walton, Jennifer Magdaleno, Leslie Hernandez, Kayla Wright, Nathan Oliver, Jose Fuentes

Middle Row L to R: Owen Merrithew, Morgan Dalley, Jaxon Dalley, Abby Sorenson, Jose Marron

Bottom Row L to R: Ellie Holt, Matthew Liljenquist, Dieter Snyder, Graci Curtis, Shaddox Bundy

Not Pictured: Gabriela Rivera, Kaity Kelander, Quinn Nielsen, Jesus Morales, Isis Perez

1st Annual Wilson T-Shirt Design Challenge!

information by Wilson Elementary PTA

Introducing Wilson Elementary PTA's first annual T-shirt design challenge! We are looking for K-5 students to design a new Wilson T-shirt for next school year! All T-shirt design submissions will be reviewed and judged by Wilson PTA based on originality and creativity. The top 2 submissions from each grade will receive a FREE Wilson T-shirt and be chosen for final voting and posted in the main hallway. Our students and teachers will vote for the winning design on May 15th. The winning design will win a $25 gift certificate!