Welcome to Wilson Elementary

Pride in the past. . . Vision for the future


Our mission is to facilitate life long learners by helping each student succeed in a positive and safe environment encouraged by faculty, family and friends.

Student of the Week for Sept 15-19: Hard Worker


Ellie Brunger, Emily Gurr, Kylen Nelson, Batai Heppler, Brodyn Mackenzie, Gracie Raff, Sophiah Rodriguez, Kymber Rosenbaum, Kayli Johnson, Talei B, Collin Bowman, Hunter Gurr, Ethan Bundy, Bristol Peterson, Itzel Martinez, Bianca Figueroa, Ammon Gull, Justin Risemnay, Brooklyn Tucker, Danika taylor, Jonathan Dodgen, Talia Peterson

Student of the Week for Aug 25-29: Trustworthy

James Higginson, Amber Kilmer, Xander Albright, Nathan McKinnon, Katheryn Pendlebury, Haley Zobell, Evan Nielson, Presley Jasperson, Haylie Holt, Madison Stevens, Ryan Freeman, Cloie Parker, Adalee Taylor, Kota Taylor, Nathan Oliver, Ashton Pierce, Eduardo Cabrera, Dante Cervantes, Zach Hartman, Gabriel Candia, Timothy Cole, Angie Aguirre