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Spanish Fork Junior High Needs Our Help!

The Spanish Fork Junior High orchestra has been chosen as one of 12 finalists nationwide to win a grant and a visit from a Radio Disney star, and they need our help! We are excited to help out a fellow Nebo school and its students.

You can VOTE once every 24 hours from January 28 to February 10 at: http://www.giveanote.org/2016-mios-tour-semi-finalists/west/

You can also:

Wilson School Spell-Off Winners

Last Thursday the top three winners from the 3rd-4th grade spelling bee and the top three winners from the 5th-6th grade spelling bee matched off in an overall competition. They were required to spell uncommon, difficult words, which made for an exciting event to watch. While all the students did a tremendous job, Savannah Stinson of 5th grade came out as the first place winner, with Luke Dalley of 6th grade in second place. Good job to all who participated in our spelling bees this year, and thank you to the PTA for organizing it all! Go Lions!

5th-6th Grade Spelling Bee Winners


Congratulations to our 5th/6th grade spelling bee winners from last week! After a suspensful 40 minutes of spelling tough words, the top three spellers went on to compete in the overall Wilson School Spell-Off. Here are the top three winners:

First place: Savannah Stinson (5th grade; left)

Second place: Luke Dalley (6th grade; right)

Third place: McKenzie Wasek (5th grade; middle)

5th - 6th Grade Spelling Bee and Spell-Off Tonight

picture courtesy of www.belmontsavings.com

Last week, 1st through 4th graders competed in a spelling bee. Tonght, 5th and 6th graders will compete in the Wilson auditorium at 5:00pm! After they compete, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade winners will compete in the overall spell-off at 6:00pm. Come support your children and friends. We are ready to cheer everyone on!