Welcome to Wilson Elementary

Pride in the past. . . Vision for the future


Our mission is to facilitate life long learners by helping each student succeed in a positive and safe environment encouraged by faculty, family and friends.

Student of the Week for Feb 21-28: Good Citizen


Helen Rodriquez, Sierra Snyder, Bryan Hurst, Wesley Berger, Nalatlee Callahan, Christian Perkins, Jayden Jensen, Asay Marostica, Nrevin Holt, Xander Estes, Rylee Spencer, Kaleb Nuttall, Isis Perez. Dyaln Angel, Collin Johnson, Jace Nixon, Alexis Price, Gaving Robbins, Austin Biggs, Chloee Bird. Lisa Jacobson, Sabrina McKnight.  

Student of the Week for Feb 18-21: Responsible


Jacqueline Casillas, Liva Folaumahina, Izayah Dauni, Alexys Zavala, Tanashious Rouse, Kinzi Robbins, Carson Vasquez, Kara Nutall, Esmeralda Aquirre, Kimberly Runyan, Ryann Pulham, Rylee Shelton, Brenden Callahan, Natalie Bingham, Nic Pollack, JessMarie Dumas, Brooklyn Peterson, Alex Rock, Liam Warren, Zaybree Martin, Kent Runyan.