Wilson School Community Council

The School Community Council meets monthly in an informal setting to have an open dialogue about the highest academic needs of our students, to set goals, and to make plans for the school.

Some of the plans created and or approved by this committee include:


· Wilson's School Improvement Plan

· Title 1 School-Wide Plan

· Trustlands Plan

· The Safe Walking Routes Plan


All of these plans can be viewed on this site or by asking at the office. We also address any other concerns that are brought to our attention.


These meetings are always open to the public. See the schedule below if you are interested in attending.

 Wilson Elementary

School Community Council

Meeting Schedule 2017-2018


School Community Council meetings are open to the public. 

The meeting will be held at Wilson Elementary in the Conference Room.


Date                    Time       Main Purpose                                                _

September 22   10:30 AM        Welcome, Orientation, Data   

October 13        10:00 AM        Title 1 Plan, Attendance, School Grades, LIM/Teams

November 10    10:00 AM        Trustlands        

December 15    Cancelled        Trustlands        

January 19        10:00 AM        School Improvement   

February 16      10:00 AM        School Improvement   

March 23          10:00 AM        School Improvement/Trustlands Finalization 

April 20            10:00 AM        Safe Walking Routes   

May 18             10:00 AM        Signature Ceremony    

 Wilson Elementary

2017-18  School Community Council Members


Name                         Term End        Title        Phone                    Email

Amy Walker                      May 2019          Parent         801-787-3640         amyjwalker33@gmail.com

Michael Brokaw                May 2019          Parent         801-362-2569         mihasuba@q.com

Melissa Iverson                 May 2019          Parent         801-310-8266         melbjmax@yahoo.com

Marissa Davis                   May 2019          Parent         435-979-8453       missymoogie@gmail.com

Janie Raff                          May 2018          Parent         801-465-4647        janieraff@gmail.com

Janna Pendlebury              May 2018          Parent         801-874-8944        jmpendlebury@gmail.com

Tina Samuels                    May 2019         Teacher        801-465-6060        tina.samuels@nebo.edu

Zak Nowell                        May 2018         Teacher        801-465-6060        zak.nowell@nebo.edu

Shawn Rawlings                                          Principal     801-465-6060        shawn.rawlings@nebo.edu

Karen Kidd                                                  Facilitator  801-465-6060        karen.kidd@nebo.edu