Living Planet Aquarium Visits 4th Grade

information by Avi Sutcliffe and Kate Murri, 4th graders; photos by Karen Hanson

Mrs. Devlin, an expert on storm drains, taught 4th graders how to save water and stop our water from being polluted. Our water gets polluted from things like soap, animal waste, grass, and all sorts of things that can pollute water. She called those things "villians." Thanks, Mrs. Devlin, for teaching us so much! - Avi Sutcliffe, 4th grader

Cory and Danny from the Living Planet Aquarium came to teach 4th graders about the water cycle and how it works. We also learned how to tell a reptile from an amphibian, about animal adaptations, and how to respect animals. It was a great presentation and all the 4th graders really liked it. Except maybe the snake! - Kate Murri, 4th grader