March Madness Reading Competition: Students vs. Adults!

flyer created by Gina Warren

We're MAD about reading here at Wilson! Our version of March Madness starts tomorrow, March 1st, and it's a reading competition! From March 1-28, track the minutes you read at home and turn them in to earn points for your team! One point will be awarded for every 10 minutes you read! Here are the teams:

Students (all 460 at Wilson): Turn in your reading minutes to your teacher or into the student box at the office.

Adults (around 60 Wilson employees and any parents that will join!): Turn in your minutes on the Google Doc link (to edit it with a mobile device, you must have the Google Sheets app) or into the adult box at the office.

If the students win, Mr. Rawlings will have to spend one day on the roof of the school, and every class will get an exta recess!

If the adults win, the students will get to help with a service project and clean up around our school!

Extra Bonus: The class with the most points (=the most minutes read) earns an extra PE time with members of the Payson High School basketball team!

Be sure attend our "Mad About Reading" family activity on March 28th from 5:30-7:30pm! More details to come.