November 2016

Turkey Gobble Contest Winners!

photo by Shawn Rawlings

On Monday, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, our school's students participated in a turkey gobble contest! Students voted for their favorites, and these are our winners. Congratulations, and happy Thanksgiving!

Top row L to R: Tracer Lowe, Rafa Albis, Rod Gonzalez

Bottom row L to R: Hagen Thompson, Javin Terry, Graci Curtis (overall winner), Julian Valdovinos

Students of the Week Nov. 14-18: Encouraging Others

photo by Shawn Rawlings

Top Row L to R: Rylee Spencer, Braden Mecham, Mason Walton, Logan Iverson, Jocelyn Hepler, Faavae Anesi

Middle Row L to R: Aiden Wagner, Ava Elbaba, Averee LeRoy, Tracer Lowe, Taihani Campbell, Anthony Anderson

Bottom Row L to R: Devin Pond,  Ava Dodgen, Cynthia Aguirre, Cloe Phong, Quynn Nielsen, Avalynn Giles

Not Pictured: Ale Rodriguez, Krystal Nuttall, Alexis Weight

Students of the Week November 7-11: Respectful

photo by Shawn Rawlings

Top Row L to R: Remi Marron, Kayden Thomas, Tyler Ellsworth, Raul Gomez, Garrett Holt

Middle Row L to R: Anna Lara, Elijah Crofts, Elizabeth Masterson, Rosalee Hickens

Bottom Row L to R: Vianney Fonseca, Marley Purper, Dealesandro Morales

Not Pictured: Brexton Weight, Knighton Godfrey, Leticia Chavez, Karla Hernandez, Adam Barker, Averie Mecham, Kaylee Gil, Kayli Johnson, Artie Jensen

5th Grade Veterans Day Program

photos by Mrs. Chang's 6th grade class and Mr. Rawlings

Last Thursday night and Friday morning, our 5th grade classes performed for Veterans Day. They sang patriotic songs, and Sergeant Morrill gave a presentation to honor all of those who have served and who currently serve our country. Wilson Elementary is proud of our country and our veterans. Thank you, veterans!

Students of the Week Oct. 31 - Nov. 4: Responsible

photo by Shawn Rawlings

Top Row L to R: Vanessa Torres, Isabel Munoz, Sileilani Anesi, Savannah Stinson, Daphne Romrell

2nd Row L to R: Bridger Iverson, Jesus Morales, Ellie Poulsen, Maddison Stevens, Daaelynn Keele

3rd Row L to R: Jose Mireles, Jaxon Dalley, Sophiah Rodriguez, Zander Burke, Kori Ashton

Bottom Row L to R: Emmett DeGraw, Hayden Estep, Jaylee Judd, Savannah Johnson

Students of the Week August - October Picture Make-ups

photo by Shawn Rawlings

Top Row L to R: Tristin Yates, Alex Risenmay, Bristol Peterson, Aiden Wagner, Jacob Gull, Kyle Fuell, Kanyon Ford, Zayla Beddoes, Jose Marron, Roxanne Hicken

2nd Row L to R: Kasey Johnson, Kirsten Dodgen, Aubury Wagner, Heston Kearl, Taihani Campbell, Magdaleno Ortega, Damien Baker, Dominic DelaCruz, Jacqueline Casillas, Cayden Long

3rd Row L to R: Jenny Alonso, Ethan Haskell, Amber Kilmer, Perrin Sutcliffe, Bailee Jex, Omar Rangel, Chip Koop, Trenton Deichman, Payten Zobell