October 2012

Wilson Students of the Week October 1 - 5

Wilson Elementary Students of the Week Oct 1-5



Wilson students of the week for the week of October 1 - 5 were chosen for being “Trustworthy.”

Tanashios Rouse, Haley Jerauld, Brevin Holt, Brytyn Maso, Adalee Taylor, Griffin Snyder, Julissa Guzman, Ivonne Duenas, Janessa Harward, Mallory Chapman, Helen Wheeler, Geovanni Sanchez, Colby Orton, Chris Warren, Kaiden Nielsen, Gavin Robbins, Ethan Risenmay, Kimberlyn Madsen, Dalton Christensen, Pamela Mirles, Sedona Belone, Anthony Martinez


Fifth-grade Birthday Science!

Adelyn DeGraw just finished making some ice cream.


Students in fifth-grade are learning about physical and chemical changes.  To test some different types of physical and chemical changes, student in Mrs. Litster's class made cake and ice cream in the classroom!  Each student had to follow directions and answer science questions to make the perfect cupcake and bag of ice cream.  As one student said "this is a very yummy science!" The activity was all the more sweet because it took place on October 1, Mrs. Litster's birthday!  

Wilson School Students of the Week September 24-28

Wilson_student_ of_ the_ week_Sep2812.jpg

Students who demonstrated honesty were chosen this week. 

AJ Rindlisbacher, Phoebe Biutanaseva, Natasha Dalley, Jersey Manual, Jayden Jensen, Tayler Ellsworth, Ellie Poulsen, Kaleb Spencer, Carly Sheffield, Addy Jasperson, Zach Hartman, Nicholas Pollock, Kevin Davis, Stockton Hyer, Addie O'Bryant, Madilyn Sheffield, Liam Warren, Luis Lemus, Kaylee Vasquez, Elizabeth Pollock, Deja Gallegos, Brinn Loveless