Students of the Week August - October Picture Make-ups

Submitted by cami.chang on Wed, 11/09/2016 - 19:58
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Top Row L to R: Tristin Yates, Alex Risenmay, Bristol Peterson, Aiden Wagner, Jacob Gull, Kyle Fuell, Kanyon Ford, Zayla Beddoes, Jose Marron, Roxanne Hicken

2nd Row L to R: Kasey Johnson, Kirsten Dodgen, Aubury Wagner, Heston Kearl, Taihani Campbell, Magdaleno Ortega, Damien Baker, Dominic DelaCruz, Jacqueline Casillas, Cayden Long

3rd Row L to R: Jenny Alonso, Ethan Haskell, Amber Kilmer, Perrin Sutcliffe, Bailee Jex, Omar Rangel, Chip Koop, Trenton Deichman, Payten Zobell

Bottom Row L to R: Destini Shove, Abigail Pace, Samantha Alonso, Eyston Hoopes, Oaklie Woolsey, Kaity Kelander, Riah Davis

Not Pictured: Devin Poulsen, Ryder Johnson, Quinton Allen, Lucero Sanchez, Keith Pace, Lily Ludlow, Ammon Morrill, Itzel Martinez, Crystal Ross, Ramses Drakho, and Addie Grange

photo by Shawn Rawlings