Wilson School Community Council

We invite all parents to consider serving on the School Community Council.  Our parents' influence and voice has a direct impact on the decisions that are made for our students for now and for the future.  We appreciate and encourage the input, insight and inquiry from our community!

The purpose of the School Community Council is to involve parents or guardians of students in making decisions at the school level, that include, improving the education of students and overall excellence in education, increasing public awareness of policies, expending School LAND trust money and funding in other areas such as Title One and TSSA.  These decisions are all based on the most critical academic needs of our students.  As a council we will review and revise a Trustland Plan and funding, develop a School Access Route for students, and look at professional development, district, school and community programs that will be beneficial to the education of our students.


Our most critical academic needs in the Wilson plan are as follows:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics

LAND Trust fund expenditures for the benefit of Wilson Elementary Students.

  • The dollar amount received from the School Land Trust Program to Wilson Elementary for the 2023-2024 School Year: $42,839.06
    • Salaries for intervention specialists to help at-risk learners: $31, 600.00
    • Technology software for reading and math intervention: $5,500.00
    • Hardware to support literacy and math programs: $959.06
    • Substitutes for Curriculum professional development for staff: $3,380.00
    • Student decodable readers/books for Take Home and Leveled Libraries $1,400.00

Previous Funds allocated to Wilson Elementary in 2022-2023
Total Amount: $40,152.65

Previous Funds allocated to Wilson Elementary in 2021-2022
Total Amount: $40,491.00

Previous Funds allocated to Wilson Elementary in 2020-2021
Total Amount: $45, 688.29

Previous Funds allocated to Wilson Elementary in 2019-2020
Total Amount: $47,966.00

School Community Council Members (2022-2023)

Name Phone Email
Olivia Jewell 435-764-6000 liblym [at] hotmail.com
Kelci Starks 385-439-8804 kelcidawn [at] live.com
Taya Thompson 385-224-3712 tayaalbert1205 [at] gmail.com
Rachel Hansen 208-431-8915 rachelhhansen [at] gmail.com
Carli Wright 801-465-6060 carli.wright [at] nebo.edu
Melissa Jorgensen 801-465-6060 melissa.jorgensen [at] nebo.edu
Larraine Bills 801-465-6060 larraine.bills [at] nebo.edu


Meeting Schedule (2023-2024)

Date  Event
October  12 Training, Purpose/Goals/Responsibilities, Review Current Plan, Election Review
November 9 Review Achievement Data, Greatest Academic Needs, Digital Safety, PBIS
December 14 Develop Goals meet Academic Needs-Literacy, PBIS
January 11 Develop Goals meet Academic Needs-Math, PBIS
February 8 Review Final Trustlands Goals and Budget, Wilson Safety Protocol
March 14 School Access Route/Wellness Report
April 11 SCC Celebration and Plan for 2024-2025 School Year

2023- 2024 SCC Agenda and Minutes

2022-2023 SCC Agenda and Minutes

2021-2022 SCC Agenda and Minutes

Previous TrustLands Reports