Meet Wilson School’s Fabulous First Grade Teachers

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Walk through the halls of Wilson Elementary, and you will see many dedicated faculty and staff members ready to help students in any way they can. The first grade team is always smiling, and willing to share their expertise with other teachers in the building.

Miss Terry received her Bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University.  She loves seeing her student’s excitement about learning, and being there to enjoy it with them.  Miss Terry is always trying to find effective ways to monitor her student’s reading levels. When asked about her favorite book, Miss Terry couldn’t choose just one. “My favorite books to read are books with my students. When we can all get sucked into a book together, that's the best.”

Mrs. Cram always has a way of making both students and teacher around her smile.   She received her Bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University, has special training to work with ESL students, and is currently working on a Master’s Degree from Southern Utah University. Mrs. Cram loves to share Dr. Seuss and Bill Peet books with her class.  If you ask Mrs. Cram what her favorite thing about teaching is, she’ll reply, “I love to see the smiling, happy faces of the students every morning!”

Ms. Barber loves teaching. She enjoys it when she can tell the students understand a new concept.  Ms. Barber loves reading. She reads so many books that she can’t pick just one as her favorite.  Ms. Barber is always willing to help another teacher out. When a teacher has an issue they don’t know how to solve, Ms. Barber always has a helpful suggestion. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, a Master’s Degree from Southern Utah University, and has special training in both Math and how to work with ESL students.

These ladies are a great asset to Wilson Elementary! The next time you see one of them, thank them for all they do to make Wilson a great school!