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Congratulations to Mr. Rawlings for receiving the Crystal Apple Award. Wilson loves having you as our principal! 


We love working with Mr. Rawlings! He is good at what he does and makes Wilson a great place to work. Our Top 10 list of what he does best looks like this:


10. Shawn is willing to ask for advice. He doesn't claim to know

everything, but works hard to find the answers. 

9. When advice is given, he listens and honestly considers what has been said.

8. He is interested in other perspectives and appreciates different points-of-view.

7. Shawn genuinely sees the good in people.

6. He is positive.

5. He always tries to find a way to say "yes" to make things work.

4. He supports teachers. He wants his faculty to know that he values their abilities and dedication to our school.

3. Shawn loves to be in his school. He loves to be in classes. He loves interacting with students. He loves spending time with the teachers.

2. He passionately puts in the time necessary to promote change at Wilson and to encourage the teachers, students, and community to think bigger and be better.

1. He leads with kindness and compassion. He is one of the best people we know. We are grateful he is the captain of this ship!


Mrs. Terry