2018/2019 Student Lighthouse Team

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Wilson Elementary Student Lighthouse have a very important role at our school. Members help share their peers’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the school faculty. They also help with school wide projects that enhance a sense of community within the school. They assist the Teacher Lighthouse Team when they need aid. Student Council creates citizens who demonstrate communication, responsibility, and empathy for others.  These traits give them the foundation to become impactful future leaders of our school and ultimately, society.

This year our SLH includes 6 sixths graders, Justice Corona, Alex Risenmay, Daphne Romrell, Baylee Brokaw, Maddison Stevens, and Jayla Bundy. 6 Fourth Graders, Ty DeHart, Gabe Depew, Jaxon Dalley, Evan Nielson, Sierra Snyder, and Gracie Raff. We have also included 3 fourth graders this year, Tasia Rohback, Kaleb Keig, and Miranda Walker.