Utah Highway Patrol Deliver's Backpacks

Submitted by melissa.jorgensen on Sun, 09/26/2021 - 20:03
Wilson Elementary would like to thank the Utah County Sheriffs Department for delivering backpacks with school supplies for our students. Thank you as well to the Women's Provo Elk Lodge for gathering the donations as well as other community members. Thank you!

Wilson Elementary wants to give a big thanks to our Utah Highway Patrol for delivering backpacks with school supplies to our school!  Sergeant Christensen, Corporal Wahlberg and Corporal Bradford were instrumental in this project: “Back in August we reached out to the community through social media and asked them to donate school supplies to each one of our section offices. The Women's Provo Elk Lodge played a tremendous part in the donations in your area as well as other community members. We are so grateful to be able to donate them and help the community in any way we can.” (Corporal Wahlberg).  These backpacks will be so wonderful to give to students at Wilson and we appreciate the generosity of so many people!  Thanks from Wilson Elementary to our wonderful Utah Highway Patrol!