Wilson School Crystal Apple goes to Vicki Lyons

Submitted by bj.wright on Tue, 03/02/2010 - 08:44

Who do our kids turn to when things are not right? Who is always there to
help through the tough situations that happen in some students lives? Who
is always willing to help any teacher in any way she can? Vicki Lyons -
that's who!

Sending a note to a loved one in heaven on a balloon, helping a child know
how to make friends, being DoSo the dolphin or helping overcome a child's
fears are just a few of the things that our school counselor does.

There are a lot of other responsibilities that fall on her shoulders. A few
of them are: For many years she did an awesome job with our Drug Free week.
She gets to teach the 6th graders how to open lockers to prepare for 7th
grade. She goes in many classrooms throughout the year presenting social
skill lessons. She works with students individually and in groups. She
does grief counseling with those who lose a loved one. She does individual
counseling with those with any need. She teaches Love and Logic classes to
parents. And in addition to all of that, she is always one of the first to
volunteer to help in the school in any way! Her work load changes
constantly as the lives of our students change. What a responsibility - to
take care of the emotional health of our school! And she accepts that
responsibility and does and outstanding job of satisfying it!

As you can see, our school counselor, Vicki Lyons, is invaluable to our
school and that is why we are presenting her with our Crystal Apple Award
for 2009-10.