Who Stole Little Miss Muffet's Tuffet?

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Mrs. Litster's class from Wilson Elementary school performed their Mother Goose mystery play for the kindergarten and first gade classes.  Mother Goose and her "cool" assistant tried to solve the mystery of all the missing items in Mother Goose Land!  Everyone in the play lost something they needed because someone else had borrowed it without permission. 
The Queen of Tarts had borrowed Old King Cole's bowl because her tart bowl was broken when a theif stole her tarts.  Old King Cole was missing his bowl, so he borrowed a dish from Hey Diddle Diddle.   Peter Piper had borrowed Old Mother Hubbard's bone because his pickled peppers were eaten by a white blurr.  Old Mother Hubbard borrowed Jack Be Nimble's Candle to look for her missing bone.  Jack Be Nimble had borrowed Miss Muffet's Tuffet to give him the extra height he lost when his candle went missing.
The detectives wandered through 15 different nursery rhymes to solve the mystery.  It turned out that Little Bo Peep's lost sheep were the casue of it all!  At the end of the play, the Kindergarteners and First graders were invited to help the detective solve one last mystery and find little Bo Peep's lost sheep as he hid around the stage.
Everyone who participated in the play had a lot of fun!  .

Tayten Thomas, Hailey Burr, & Brooke Losee