Teacher Wish List

Submitted by breanna.partridge on Thu, 12/17/2020 - 12:54
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Mrs Haskell
White Cardstock
Colored Cardstock
Treats (mini candy bars)
Contact Solution (with boric acid in it)
Epsom Salt 

Mrs Cram 
Little 3oz cups
Black expo white board markers
A bunch of kid size masks
Mrs Kunz
Expo- dry erase markers
Large bags of skittles or M & M's for incentives.
Mrs Fisher
pencil top erasers
paper towels
Clorox wipes
small wrapped candy or small prizes for reward box
Mrs Hanson  
Dry erase markers-preferable the finer tipped
small individually wrapped candies (Smarties etc.)
Mrs Cook 
Paint Brushes
Small Treats for Reward
small earbuds
Mrs Terry 
Small toys for treasure box
ream of colored cardstock
ream of white cardstock
disinfecting wipes
plain m&m's
baby wipes
laffy taffy's
mini air heads
zipper gallon bags- zipper snack bags - zipper sandwich bags
hand sanitizer
Mrs Smith
Dry erase markers
-large size bottles of hand sanitizer
-small wrapped treats
-small cups