Students of the Week November 7-11: Respectful

Submitted by cami.chang on Thu, 11/17/2016 - 08:36
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Top Row L to R: Remi Marron, Kayden Thomas, Tyler Ellsworth, Raul Gomez, Garrett Holt

Middle Row L to R: Anna Lara, Elijah Crofts, Elizabeth Masterson, Rosalee Hickens

Bottom Row L to R: Vianney Fonseca, Marley Purper, Dealesandro Morales

Not Pictured: Brexton Weight, Knighton Godfrey, Leticia Chavez, Karla Hernandez, Adam Barker, Averie Mecham, Kaylee Gil, Kayli Johnson, Artie Jensen

photo by Shawn Rawlings