Staff Trivia #1

Submitted by breanna.partridge on Mon, 04/20/2020 - 15:41

Can you guess who this teacher is? 

My favorite subject in school is language arts. (Reading-writing)
My least favorite is math.
I chose education for a career because I wanted kids to know that learning can be fun.  Reading is like taking a vacation with every book you open.
I am pretty competitive. When I was about 10 I bet my older brother that I could put my swimming suit on, and be in the hotel swimming pool faster than him. I was racing to the pool when I saw him heading there too. I was more focused on him than the pool. I dove in. The pool hadn’t been cleaned after winter. The water was like canal water and very cold. I couldn’t catch my 
Check teacher trivia #2 for the answe.


breath. I filled up with yucky dirty water and nearly drowned. My brother ended up saving me. But... I won the bet!