Fugitive Gingerbread Men Found at Wilson Elementary

Submitted by bj.wright on Thu, 09/06/2012 - 11:17

Each of the Kindergarten classes was excited to make a gingerbread man
the first week of school. When the classes went to find their finished
treat, they found that their yummy cookie had run away. Over the next
few days they searched around the school and found the library,
computer lab, and met people such as Mr. Ward our Janitor, and Mr.
Fluckiger our principal. After exploring the school over several days,
the lucky students found their treat! What a great way to get to know
their new school.

Wilson School Students of the Week Aug 27-31

Submitted by bj.wright on Fri, 08/31/2012 - 10:19


  • From left to right bottom row:  Chase Esplin, Presley Jasperson, Kirsten MacFarlane, Tyra Pierce, Kanyon Ford, Corbin Nielson, BreeAnn Johnson, Ashton Pierce, Austin Stevens
  • Second Row: Rozlynn Benson, Dante Cervantes, Cristian Munoz, Kambry Bundy, Ryan Penrod, Konner Runyan
  • Top Row:  Mary Juarez, Candace Holdaway, Deborah Magoon, Alexia Rosenberg, Caleb Hayes.


Wilson School Welcomes New Principal Daryl Fluckiger

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     As the bell rang to welcome students back to Wilson School this fall  students were welcomed by a new principal, Mr. Fluckiger (Flew-key-gur). When asked about Mr. Fluckiger, a smile appears on the students' faces. “He’s Awesome!” one student replies. Another says, “He is really smart and nice!” Several students commented that he always seems happy. Mr. Fluckiger most recently taught fifth-grade at Hobble Creek Elementary in Mapleton.  He has also taught fifth-grade at Art City Elementary in Springville, and fourth-grade at Jefferson Elementary in Rigby Idaho.

Who Stole Little Miss Muffet's Tuffet?

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Mrs. Litster's class from Wilson Elementary school performed their Mother Goose mystery play for the kindergarten and first gade classes.  Mother Goose and her "cool" assistant tried to solve the mystery of all the missing items in Mother Goose Land!  Everyone in the play lost something they needed because someone else had borrowed it without permission. 

Tayten Thomas, Hailey Burr, & Brooke Losee