4th Grade Mountain Man Rendezvous

written by Baylee Brokaw, 4th grader; photos by Nesha Smith

Our Mountain Man Rendezvous

At our mountain man rendezvous there was games, music, food, and more!  We had scones, root beer, and cookies.  There was a game called Nail it, where you chose someone to compete against and you take a hammer and a nail and you see who can pound the nail in a block of wood the fastest.  There is also an archery game, leg wrestling, arm wrestling.  There was a game called “spin it to win it” that's where you get a spinning wheel with black and red stripes, you chose either black or red and you spin the wheel and if it lands on the color you picked, you win. There was a shooting game ( but not with actual guns).  There was also a game called Chew it where you see who can chew and swallow a piece of licorice the fastest.  We had a lot of fun!  


-Baylee Brokaw