School News

Speedy Sixth-grade Students at Wilson Elementary

Pictured are the winners of the combination lock race held by Ms. Vicki Lyons. Ms. Lyons has been working with the sixth-grade studnets to make a smooth transistion into seventh-grade. One way in which she has been helping, is getting the students comfortable opening locks similar to what will be on their lockers next year. The top three lock openers are : Suzie Macfarlane, Kaitlyn Stott, and Kade Morrison.


Sixth-grade Students Complete N.O.V.A. Program

For 12 weeks Officer Russ Woodland has been visiting the sixth-grade students at Wilson Elementary teaching them the lessons of the N.O.V.A. program. This program teaches students to study the situation (STS) and make wise lifetime decisions. At their graduation ceremony several students won a stuffed animal, the N.O.V.A. mascot, Polaris. Pictured is Michelle Bobo (center) who won one of the mascots. To the left is Sarah Murphy, and right is Suzie Macfarlane.  

Wilson School Invites All to a 50th Birthday Celebration

Come celebrate the Wilson’s 50th Birthday with us on Friday, May 14, 2010. From 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. there will be a carnival sponsored by the PTA. There will be inflatable slides, food, and lots of other fun activities. In honor of the 50th year, all tickets will cost 50 cents.  This will take place on the north side of Wilson School.  That evening from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Wilson School will host an outdoor concert featuring Wilson alumni, current students, and other special guests. Bring your blankets to the field on the south side of the school, and enjoy some great entertainment.

Abbie Finlinson Recognized as an Outstanding Employee at Wilson Elementary

     At a recent Wilson Elementary faculty meeting Abbie Finlinson, the school secretary, was presented with the Outstanding Employee Award. Mrs. Finlinson is always working hard behind the scenes to keep the school running smoothly.  It was a great opportunity for others in the school to show their appreciation for the hard work Mrs. Finlinson puts in to make Wilson the great place it is!

Wilson School “Lion’s Roar” Challenge

This year Wilson School students have been participating in the “Lion’s Roar” challenge. Students are able to earn three different awards by completing a number of tasks in four different categories: Academic, Citizenship, Personal, and Participation. The awards given at 10 completed tasks (Lion Cub Award), 20 completed tasks (Lion Mane Award), and 35+ tasks (Lion Pride Award). Many students have received these awards, and in a recent assembly the first Lion Pride Awards were handed out. Congratulations to all the students who were recognized for their achievements!

Wilson School Crystal Apple goes to Vicki Lyons

Who do our kids turn to when things are not right? Who is always there to
help through the tough situations that happen in some students lives? Who
is always willing to help any teacher in any way she can? Vicki Lyons -
that's who!

Sending a note to a loved one in heaven on a balloon, helping a child know
how to make friends, being DoSo the dolphin or helping overcome a child's
fears are just a few of the things that our school counselor does.

American Beauty Academy Helps With Wilson Elementary “Crazy for Reading” Day

Wilson Elementary students have been going crazy for reading this year! Wednesday, January 27 was “Crazy for Reading” day, and students were able to wear crazy hair to school, and had a read-a-thon for part of the day. Students had been working hard to meet reading goals for term 2 as well. Students who reached their term 2 reading goal were able to attend an assembly where American Beauty Academy students gave eight Wilson teachers, and Principal Ron Penrod a crazy hairstyle. Fun was had by all. Keep up the reading Wilson Lions!

Wilson Sixth-grade Students Thank Dr. Keller

On Friday, January 22, 2010 Dr. Merle Keller came to Wilson Elementary School and presented the sixth-grade students with dictionaries. “I want you students to have the brightest possible future.” Dr. Keller said. When asked about the dictionaries, sixth–grade student Brittney Nielsen said, “I think that they are great! I found that there is a really long word that takes up most of a page.” From the sixth-grade teachers and students, THANK YOU Dr. Keller!