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Dan Hansen Crystal Apple Award Recipient


     Dan Hansen is a great asset to Wilson School. He goes the extra mile in everything that he does. He is a loyal teacher and friend. He has taught at Wilson School for 25 years. HE has taught 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades. He even spent one year teaching in Japan. 

     Dan is the first one to the school every morning, and one of the last teachers out the door at night. He is always willing to help with all of our technical needs at anytime of the day or night. He will drop whatever he is doing to help a fellow teacher in a pinch. 

Student of the Week January


January 9 

Sam Jensen, Perrin Sutcliffe, Diego Cabrerra, Bronson Helton, Jocelyn Edvalson, Owen Merrithew, Jonas Fortenberry, Brandon Ruiz, Marcos barajas, Sam Morrill, Kanyon Ford, Carys Long, Ammon Morrill, Rylee Shelton, Taylor Grange, Karlee Thompson, Ryker Jarvis, Dylan Angel, Reanna Taylor, Chris Warren, Skyler Johnson

January 15

Student of the Week December


December 5

Zoe Biggs, Sherlyn Rodriguez, Luke Marostica, Omar Rongel, Adrie Wasek, Eian zobell, Christian Cabrera, Brandon Ruiz, Alhoa Watkins, Carson Vasquez, Corey Console, Asay Marostica, Daalynn Keele, Bryce Marvin, Vinenct Fortenberry, Brayden Sanderson, Hannah Cappadonia, Mallory Chapman, Austin Biggs, Kambry Bundy, Amberlry Vincent

December 12

Student of the Week November


Nov 7

Saphria Mylorie, Graci Curtis, Karson Curtis, Hunter Tew, Domonic DelaCruz, Anna Lara, Andy Vasquez, Pheobe Biutanaseva, Raul Gomez, Tyler Ellsworth, Alexandra valdivinos, Kennady Hunter, Estrella Benitz, Austin Stevens, Sabrina Slater, Kambri Mason, Jordan Taylor, Brooklyn Peterson, Max Iverson, Justin Nixon

Nov 14

Student of The Week October


Oct 3

Lillie Sanderson, Elizabeth Masterson, Claire Clark, Kohen Wilding, Averie Mecham, Javin Terry, Zackary Stickney, Tanashious Rouse, Tyson Dean, Daphne Romrell, Tristan Butler, Tate Iverson, Alexa Valadez, Samuel Ruelas, Garrett Holt, Dylan Stika, Nicholas Pollock, Kylee Peterson, Hailey Murri, Josh Raff, Antonio Carini

Oct 10 

Beyond 5 Encourages Wilson Students to "Never Give Up!"

During the afternoon of December 16, 2014 shrieks and screams could be heard emanating from the south end of Wilson Elementary School.  The usually quiet hallways were abuzz with excitement as the up-and-coming boy band Beyond 5 put on an assembly encouraging students to Never Give up (a title of one of their popular songs). Students were also reminded to be careful of what they say to one another. Even a joke can be hurtful to others.

Student of the Week for Sept 15-19: Hard Worker


Ellie Brunger, Emily Gurr, Kylen Nelson, Batai Heppler, Brodyn Mackenzie, Gracie Raff, Sophiah Rodriguez, Kymber Rosenbaum, Kayli Johnson, Talei B, Collin Bowman, Hunter Gurr, Ethan Bundy, Bristol Peterson, Itzel Martinez, Bianca Figueroa, Ammon Gull, Justin Risemnay, Brooklyn Tucker, Danika taylor, Jonathan Dodgen, Talia Peterson