Outstanding Classified Employee Award 2017/2018

Mrs. Terry

Outstanding Classified Employee Award

Loura Martin


Loura Martin is an amazing classified employee. She keeps our office running smoothly and is the heart of our school. We could list a thousand things about her, but here are the top 10:


  1. She is kind and sincere.

  2. Everyone who walks into the office is greeted with a warm smile and kind word.

  3. She is pleasant even when asked the same question repeatedly - by the kids, or for a last minute P.O., or what time the bell rings, or...

  4. She is willing to do anything. She takes on additional tasks.

  5. She sees the good in our students, their parents, and the faculty.

  6. She puts in a lot of extra time and never complains.

  7. She loves working with the students.

  8. She is a master juggler who handles everything that we throw at her.

  9. She has never said an unkind word about anyone.

  10. She is organized! She keeps the office clean and sanitary. We all appreciate that!


We are so lucky to have Loura at our school and know that she is an important part of our school running well! We love Loura!!!