Crystal Apple Winner 2018/2019

We can't think of a teacher more deserving than Melanie Kunz! She is a teacher who everyone loves and respects. She is positive, kind, loving, and patient with not only her students but all students. When a child needs TLC Melanie is there to offer comfort and support. She is so amazing with technology and knows how to use it in class to better help her students. Her students are energized and engaged because she takes the time and effort to get online activities ready each day. The students thrive under her tutelage.


Melanie spends hours of her free time working on lesson plans, collaborating, searching for materials online, and helping her team and others in the school. Melanie never takes credit for helping, but what she does in invaluable! From making sure the first-grade program had music ready during their program to taking the time out of her schedule to make sure everyone has what they need. What would we do without her!


Her first-grade team had many nice things to say. "Melanie is equally amazing with her team! Chanla and Shamayne are indebted to her for the many hours she has spent getting our beginning of the year stuff ready such as sight words, scope and sequence, grades, leadership goals/binders, SLO's and PGP's. If anyone of us are having troubles we know we can go to Melanie for support and encouragement. Melanie goes the extra mile too. We can count on her to get any project done way before it is due."


Melanie is an amazing person! She is a humble person and would never draw attention to herself. Her laugh is contagious, her smile is sincere, she instills trust and confidence, we know we can go to her with our troubles and come away uplifted and inspired! She works harder than anyone we know. Melanie takes ESL classes to better help her students. For our staff, she is our art representative helping teaching get information, and lesson plans that focus on the arts. She also on LPIC, Lighthouse committees, and much more! By being involved in so many ways it is obvious she takes pride in her teaching. To her, teaching is a calling, not a job.


We love Melanie, congratulations on receiving the Crystal Apple Award! You deserve this recognition!