May 2010

Speedy Sixth-grade Students at Wilson Elementary

Pictured are the winners of the combination lock race held by Ms. Vicki Lyons. Ms. Lyons has been working with the sixth-grade studnets to make a smooth transistion into seventh-grade. One way in which she has been helping, is getting the students comfortable opening locks similar to what will be on their lockers next year. The top three lock openers are : Suzie Macfarlane, Kaitlyn Stott, and Kade Morrison.


Sixth-grade Students Complete N.O.V.A. Program

For 12 weeks Officer Russ Woodland has been visiting the sixth-grade students at Wilson Elementary teaching them the lessons of the N.O.V.A. program. This program teaches students to study the situation (STS) and make wise lifetime decisions. At their graduation ceremony several students won a stuffed animal, the N.O.V.A. mascot, Polaris. Pictured is Michelle Bobo (center) who won one of the mascots. To the left is Sarah Murphy, and right is Suzie Macfarlane.